Driving Directions to Maggie's Herb Farm

 Get driving directions to Maggie's Herbs using Google's map: Click HERE

Also, if you have Google Earth on your computer, type maggies herbs 32092 in search area for businesses and Goggle Earth will fly to maggies herbs.You can also type these numbers in search area of Google 29. 899791,-81.581988 to go to maggies herbs

Good way to drive to Maggie's Herbs from Jacksonville, Florida

Motorist traveling south on I- 95 from Jacksonville, FL Exit at 318 onto FL-16 turn right (west) and immediately get into your left lane. Turn left onto CR-208 . Keep driving west on county road 208 until it dead ends at County Road 13 and St. Johns River. Turn left (south). for a few miles. Look for signs that say Maggies Herbs. Turn left into Maggie's Herb Farm.

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Driving Directions from St.Augustine, FL There are two good ways to get to Maggie's Herbs

First: Maggie's Herbs is located approx. 20 miles west of St.Augustine near St.Johns River and Picolata. Traveling from St.Augustine on US # 1 hwy, turn west on King Street. Drive on until it turns into County Road CR-214. Continue driving until you pass over I-95. and you will pass several beautiful farms on your right and left. Continue driving on County Road CR-214 until you dead end at St. Johns River and County Road 13. Turn right (north) on County Road 13 and travel approx 5 miles past Lane Landing , Tocol creek. Look for signs Maggie's Herbs turn right into Maggie's Herbs

Second Driving Directions from St.Augustine, FL

Second: Good way to get to Maggie's Herb Farm driving from St.Augustine on hwy US-1 go west on Fl- 16 pass under Interstate 95 toward Green Cove Springs and Stark. After a few miles driving in the country you will come to a stop light at International Golf Pkwy. Go straight through. You will also see on left a CVS Pharmacy. Next you will be passing a large Catholic Church on your right and a Baptist Church on your left. NOTE FL- 16 will make a sharp turn to the left at 16-A. Stay on FL -16 (most people make the mistake driving out on 16-A) Continue on FL- 16 until it dead ends at County Road 13. Turn left ( south) toward Hastings on County Road 13. You will be passing Outback Crab Shack on your right and Bass Haven Lane on your right, next you will get to Picolata , and junction CR-208. Start looking for River Plantation with a mile of white fence in front of beautiful houses. Look for signs that say maggies herbs at the end of the white fences. Turn left into Maggie's Herbs