Information for hard to find herb plants




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Sorry we are not taking internet orders for live plants at Maggies Herbs at this time !!

A=Annual-Plant normally lives for one season,

B=Biennial-Plant lives for two years, producing leaves the first year, flowers and seeds the second.

P=Perennial-Plant lives indefinitely. Must keep from freezing

WA= winter annual plant

Agastache -anise hyssop
Ajuga ( P)
Aloe (P)
Artemisias- (P)
Aztec Sweet Herb (P)
Basil (P) Sweet, African blue, greek colomner, tulsi
Bay Laurel tree (P)
Borage (A)
Burnet, Salad (B)
Catmint (P)
Calandula ( wa)
Catnip (P)
Chamomile ,German( WA)
Chives & Garlic Chives (P)
Cilantro (WA)
Culantro (P)
Comfrey ( P)
Coriander, Vietnamese (P)
Curry plant (P)
Dianthus pinks (P)
Dill (A)
Echinacea (P)
Fennel (P)
Feverfew (P)
Geranium, scented (P)
Germander (P)
Gotu Kola (P)
Horehound (P)
Lavender– (P) hetereophylla, multifida, pinnata, goodwin creek, dentata
Lemon Balm (P)
Lemon Grass (P)
Lemon Verbena (P)
Lovage (P)
Marjoram (P)
Mint–(P) apple, chocolate, citrus, curly, english, pineapple, spearmints, pennyroyal
Monarda-beebalm (P)
Motherwort (P)
Myrtle, Dwarf (P)
Nasturtiums (WA)
Oregano– Greek , Italian, Cuban, Mexican (P)
Parsley– Curled & Flat Italian (B)
Rosemary (P)
Rue (P)
Sage - Golden, purple, pineapple, officinalis (P)
Santolina (P)
Savory, winter (P)
Soapwort (P)
Sorrel (P)
Stevia (P)
Tansy (P)
Tarragon (P)
Thyme (P) Mother of thyme, Lemon thyme, English thyme
Tilo (P)
Yarrow (P)